Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wily Wednesdays - Katamari Frame

Another post inspired by Kyle. Last month he celebrated his 31st birthday, and I thought a Katamari-related card would go over well. (If you're not already familiar with Katamari Damacy, this post probably won't make much sense. It barely does if you do.) The card idea kept growing until it turned into a picture frame, complete with a polymer clay Prince I rolled into being. Lots of fun and absurdity (although the Prince attachment broke as soon as I was about to give it to Kyle -- lame). Kratos is just a placeholder, because...well, why not?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wily Wednesdays - Tetris Alley

Just last month, my buddy Kyle decided to fulfill his years-long dream of building a life-size Tetris display, and he recruited some friends to make it happen. I originally signed up for a Z and I piece, but limited materials and budget meant I was only able to complete one. Even then, I was hurting for cardboard, so I ended up piecing together what scraps of cardboard I could find to build the "boxes" that composed the Z. Of course, I can now think of several ways to make the process smoother and more efficient, but it was still fun doing things the hard (AKA, Jami) way. At least I didn't make them out of wood. ;-P

I haven't had this much fun with an art project for a while. Thanks, Kyle!