Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wily Wednesdays - Crochet Devil Horns

Hi there, remember me? It's been ages since I've posted something here! As you can imagine, I've been all consumed with my mad hot romance with horticulture, which hasn't left much time for crafting and blogging. But I have a few rare free moments tonight, so let me bring out a new and silly craft to share.

More horns!

I promised my friend Chris -- a whole year ago -- that I'd make him a crochet horned helm. I don't know why, but devil horns seemed to suit him. It arrived just in time for Halloween.

Of course I have to try them out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wily Wednesdays - Duct Tape Sheath

I wanted to get serious about this pruning stuff, so I bought myself a nice pair of ergonomic Bahco hand pruners -- pretty top of the line in the field and highly recommended. The only problem is, I couldn't find a suitable sheath that matched its unique shape. There are plenty of generic sheaths out there, and specific brands have their own leather holsters, notably this one from Felco...but screw that. I have Bahco pruners and I want the proper shape. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to do some leather working, right?

Well, I had my first pruning field trip today, and not enough time or supplies for leather working, so I ended up taking Randy's silly suggestion and fashioned a holster out of duct tape. You know, a quick, temporary solution -- wrap it around sticky side up, then wrap it again sticky side down. But it's me, so I made it a little more complicated...

It's a perfect, snug fit, so you can hold them upside-down without the pruners falling out. And, uh, good grief this is dorky. I'm not a duct tape freak, but I kind of love it. Eventually I'll grow up and make myself a more professional looking sheath out of leather.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wily Wednesdays - Mixed Media Tree

Polymer clay. Paint. Wood. Go!

Here's my Yule gift for Kai. I wanted to try some new techniques with this piece, so it was a nice excuse for experimentation. I went for a filigree style with the sun, moon, and leaves, and then I tried braiding the tree with long strands of polymer clay. I have discovered that braiding clay is hard, but it has so much potential for some cool Celtic designs.