Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wily Wednesdays - Beaded Jewelry

This week is another birthday installment of mid-week creativity. Kai's thick, black, stylized glasses have just been asking for a chain, so I finally decided to remedy the situation with a custom strand of beads. The black and sparkly white beads were intentional, as they match the color scheme of her glasses. Moonstone is a particular favorite of hers (and it's grown on me, too), so I added a few of those to complete the pattern. She also has an elegant black and white dress that I drew inspiration from, and I love the way they go together.

The office was covered in beading supplies when I was finished with the chain, so I didn't want to stop. I crafted a dragonfly necklace for Kai, and then a dyed-jade and hematite necklace for myself.

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