Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It ain't easy being green

Whenever I see companies taking little steps toward more sustainable living, I get a warm fuzzy. Like when an ice cream shop decides to use compostable dishes and spoons, or when I notice a grocery store offering reusable mesh bags for its produce. The first time I grabbed a bag of SunChips with its new compostable packaging, I thought it was pretty sweet. The noise was a loud surprise, but come on...they made biodegradable bags! Can't we just pour our chips in a bowl or on our sandwich wrapper and sacrifice the tiniest creature comfort for the sake of Mother Earth?

Apparently not: "Frito-Lay hopes to quiet complaints about its noisy SunChips bags by switching out the biodegradable bags for the old packaging on most flavors." Got to do what the consumer wants, right? Well, the consumers still have their heads in the clouds.

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