Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What will 2012 bring?

Happy New Year, everyone. Besides being too cliché to stomach, we all know laundry lists of overblown New Year's resolutions usually fail by February, and that's not what I've popped online to spout. But it is another stop on the ol' timeline, and I can't resist forming a few ideas about what I'd like to see happening in my life.

It comes down to personal development, and this is just a reaffirmation of an ongoing goal to live more mindfully. I've let that endeavor slide a bit, and I suspect that's why I've felt a little stuck lately. I want to continue my efforts to change the fundamental ways I view the world, to keep raising my level of consciousness, to live in the present, and to resist the temptation of falling into judgment and cynicism. The art portfolio, word count, weight loss, debt reduction, school and learning goals, etc., will follow from that (provided they're all reasonably set).

Wishing you a peaceful year of heightened awareness!

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